We are a husband and wife team that both come from farming backgrounds and still have our hands in it. We enjoy working together on the farm, or with our calves and now cleaning trash cans.

This business has been Rob's vision for over two years now, and since we are true believers in "Everything Happens For A Reason" it was just the right time to start it up! We know that this concept will catch on quickly, since no one likes to attempt to wash their trash cans out and sanitizing them is never a success. It's just a matter of educating the population on what we do and why we do it, while offering an exceptional service with high quality standards.

Since we know that trash bins harbor dangerous bacteria, and it's not safe to clean it on your own, whether in your yard or down the drain, we wanted to help! Contaminating the local water supply, killing grass or other plants and exposing our family to the dangerous bacteria are more common than they should be when a simple trash bin is the culprit. Eliminating the stress of making sure that no one touches your trash cans and keeping them smelling fresh is our goal.

As a team, and family, we are excited to offer this new service to our local communities with pride in hopes that we can keep the trash bins on the curbs a little shinier and your garages smelling fresh. Thank you for your support!

We look forward to working with you! - The Seiber Family

Meet Amber Sandau, our Lead Route Specialist and Truck Operator.

My Name is Amber Sandau from LaSalle, Colorado. I attended the University of Northern Colorado on a full ride Athletic Scholarship. When I am not working at Fierce Wash you can find me with family, on the lake or in the mountains.

I have known Patti Seiber for over 32 years and the entire Seiber family for 10 +. Growing with this company has become a passion and I look forward to becoming Northern Colorado's elite trash can cleaning company. There is nothing like family and friends and there is nothing like Fierce Wash.